Thanks for connecting over the Net. One of the primary purposes of this site is to reach out to you. If you have been my client earlier, you can always reach me back here. And if you want to hire my services, here is the place to know me more and contact me.  
There is a small gallery of amateur photos taken. Some thoughts on my blog too.
If you are connected through any of my schools, please connect back using the Alumni link. 

Strategy Consulting for Entrepreneurs

If you are a team trying to start-up and would value specific strategy advise, feel free to reach out - I am willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement if you need. My general approach is to have a 30 minute intro discussion to decide if I can help you without wasting your time and then look at future steps. When you use the Contact link, add the words 'Strategy' in the subject. If you are in/near London, we can meet up in person.