Pitching efficiency

Before placing any kind of bet, even those in high-school, have you ever convinced someone to side with you just based on your word? Did anyone get convinced? And if so, what could have driven their decision process –

  • they know you before hand? how? how well?
  • they know the prior track record of your bets and know you would have a secret info or dependable source?Similar bets in the past were in your favor as you were well prepared?
  • they understood why you are betting? for being proven right? for earning the prize? for another reason which is publicly explaining your inspiration to bet? you could convince them? why?
  • they know that you have indepth knowledge of what you are talking about?

Well, almost the same basic questions go through the mind of an investor before even she thinks about topics of scalability & sustenance. Think about it! Make your pitch worth someone’s money! Comments welcome.. 😉

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